Now that PayPal and Bizum are available on Shasta, we want to explain everything you can do. Read on to find out 👇

Are you running out of funds on Shasta? Don’t worry, deposit money via wire transfer, a partner bank account or card and finally, with PayPal and Bizum. If you want to do it with PayPal or Bizum, simply follow the steps below:

– Select the Balance button.
– Click on Deposit money, then Alternative methods.
– Choose whether you want to make the deposit with PayPal or Bizum.


screen alternative methods

Once you have chosen one of the two options, the App will redirect you to the page of the chosen aggregation method for you to log in and enter the desired amount you want to deposit.

Perhaps you are now wondering if you can transfer the balance you have in Shasta to Paypal or Bizum. The answer to this question is, at the moment no, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have it in mind 😉

At the moment, this functionality only allows you to deposit money to your Shasta wallet, easily and instantly.

As we have told you before, you can add funds to your Shasta account through different methods but you must keep in mind that, in order to make the deposit with Paypal or Bizum your account must be verified in the International Ecosystem.

What is the International Ecosystem?

The International Ecosystem is when your Shasta account is verified with a valid Venezuelan passport or ID, European documentation or with a US, Mexican or Brazilian passport.

If your account is verified in the Venezuelan National Ecosystem, don’t worry, you can use the other methods to add money to your account and remember, we are working to make it available for this ecosystem as well 😊 You may be interested in reading the following article on How to deposit and withdraw money from Shasta?

As you well know, in Shasta we are totally transparent, that’s why if you are wondering about the commissions that exist in the first place you should keep in mind that the deposits you make with Bizum have no commission. On the other hand, deposits made with PayPal do have a small commission, you can see the percentage applied before making the deposit.

We hope we have been able to solve your doubts, remember that for the moment this new feature only allows you to deposit money into your Shasta wallet. If you want to know more about this new feature you may be interested in the following PayPal and Bizum article.

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