What is currency exchange?

When we talk about currency exchange, we are talking about the action of buying and selling of bills from abroad. For example, if I go to Great Britain on vacation, I will exchange euro bills for pounds, thus performing a currency exchange from one country to another.

But can be done only with bills? The answer is no. The change of currency includes many modalities and also they can be realized by checks, deposits, loans, means of payment or financial instruments.

So, what is the difference between “currency” and “foreign exchange”? When we talk about currency, we are talking about the monetary unit used within the same country. On the contrary, when we speak of currency, we refer to that same currency when it symbolizes a monetary function in another country.

Actually, banknotes are considered currency and not foreign exchange because physical money is not used for transactions and transfers, since money is moved and processed with electronic transfers and processes.

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