Yes, you are reading correctly, now with Shasta App you can do all your shopping in supermarkets Forum easily, simply and most importantly… Immediately! 

Easy, on-the-spot payments

Paying for your purchases with Shasta is very easy, simply scan the QR code you will find on the cash register counter of your Forum supermarket

  1. Make sure you have sufficient funds to make the payment.
  2. Open the Shasta app and scan the QR code.
  3. Once you have scanned the code, the payment will be made immediately (currently in dollars)

Now you know, every time you have to make your purchases at Forum, pay with Shasta, as it is much easier and more convenient than paying with cash. If you need more information about how QR payments work, you can take a look at our article QR Code: the revolution in payment methods

Reasons to make your payments with Shasta

First and foremost, it is very easy to use and allows you to pay conveniently from your mobile phone with a few simple clicks. Now if you forget your wallet at home, it won’t be a problem, as you can pay with Shasta.

Secondly, it is an efficient payment method that is completely cashless, i.e. it does not require cash.

Third, it is a payment method that offers you maximum convenience, you just have to make sure you have enough funds to make your purchases and pay with Shasta.

Shop at Forum and pay with Shasta

Now you know, every time you have to go to the supermarket, don’t forget Shasta and make your payments with it. If you don’t have it yet, what are you waiting for! Download it in iOS o Android.

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