For some time now, the financial sector has been looking to Fintech, since it has managed, with its characteristics and innovation, to position itself at the top of the ranking within a very varied ecosystem. Among them, the neo-banks stand out, which are those banks that operate 100% digitally, and which act as an alternative to traditional banking and its shortcomings.

Currently, and as a result of the situation of COVID-19, more than 50% of SMEs and startups are making changes when it comes to managing and organizing their finances. Having spent a period of time isolated and imposing teleworking, most companies and freelancers are looking for digital solutions to work easily, comfortably and quickly from your computer or Smartphone, avoiding formalities or face-to-face meetings and saving time.

Users have discovered a more comfortable and secure way to make online payments, and that is why the number of users is increasing in online payment platforms such as Shasta Technologies, in which we offer optimal and accessible financial solutions for anyone in a 100% digital way, such as the Shasta App application that, thanks to its multiple functionalities, such as exchange to change currencies easily and quickly, or deeplinking to share payment links with your friends, makes organizing your finances much easier and fun.

One thing is clear, Fintech has been able to respond not only to all the questions and situations obtained by the COVID-19, but also to an increasingly competitive and limited banking system, adapting it to the new technological era. In other words, we are facing a revolution in financial services driven mainly by technology. For these reasons, we are at the ideal moment to work and invest in this sector, as it will continue to grow, innovate and surprise us more and more, satisfying society’s needs and shortcomings in the various traditional financial services.
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