Terms and Conditions









The owner of the Shasta.me website and the “Shasta” application is SHASTA TECHNOLOGIES, SL, a Spanish company with registered office at Rambla de Catalunya, number 49, Principal 2a, 08007 Barcelona (Spain), holder of NIF number B-67394254, registered in the Mercantile Registry of Barcelona, whose contact email is [email protected] (“Shasta”, also referred to as “we” or “our”).











If you do not agree with this Agreement or the Terms of Use, do not click on “Continue” or any other similar link and do not access or otherwise use our




Services. If you wish, you can terminate this contract at any time; To do this, write an email to [email protected] and do not access or use our Services.




When you use any of the Shasta Services, you agree to comply with all of the Terms of Use. Your use of our Services is also subject to our Privacy Policy (link https://shasta.me/en/privacy-policy-en/), which regulates the way we treat your personal information.




This Agreement and its updates apply to the Shasta.me website owned by Shasta, the Shasta application (the “Application”) and other Shasta-related sites where it is expressly stated that these Terms of Use apply. .








Service’s description




Shasta is an exclusive social network, and therefore of a closed nature, that makes available to its Members a platform or virtual space where, thanks to collaboration agreements with duly authorized third-party providers (Partners), its Members can access exclusive services, such as, (a) make and receive payments between Shasta Members and with third parties, (b) contract exclusive experiences and, (c) also subject to the terms and conditions of said service, contract the opening of an electronic money account and issuing a prepaid financial card and enjoying the services associated with them, as well as other services available at any time, all quickly and easily (the “Services“).







Shasta Members 




“Users” will be considered to be the people who download the Application, register as users and accept these Conditions.




To be a Shasta Member it is necessary to download the Application and register as a user by providing the required information. Shasta may at any time require the user to provide additional information. Once the information provided has been processed and analyzed, Shasta may inform the user that they do not meet the conditions to be a Shasta Member.




However, all references to “Users” contained in these Terms of Use will continue to apply to Members, except in those cases where otherwise indicated or unequivocally inferred.




In any case, Shasta reserves the right of admission and maintenance of its Members, without in any case the rejection of a Member may be determined by reason of birth, race, sex, religion, opinion or any other condition or personal circumstance of the user.












We may modify this Agreement, our Privacy Policy, and our Cookie Policy (the “Agreements“) from time to time. If we make any important changes to the Contract, we will notify you through our Services, or to the email account that you have designated in your registration, to give you the opportunity to review the changes before they become effective. Therefore, be sure to read this notice carefully, as well as the new version of the Contracts.




Likewise, the Payment Entity and the Electronic Money Entity may propose to the User any modification of their terms and conditions in relation to the Payment Services and Card Services in Shasta and the applicable rates with a notice of 2 calendar days with respect to the date the proposed modification takes effect, by email or on a durable medium through the Application, which is accepted by the User.




If you do not agree to any of the changes, you can cancel your account by contacting us. In particular, Shasta may at any time modify the price of paid Memberships (described below), including periodic subscription fees, and will inform you of any changes it makes to prices in advance and, if applicable, how to accept those. changes. Price changes will apply at the beginning of the next subscription period after the date the price change was made. If you do not agree to the price change, you have the right to reject the change by unsubscribing from the paid Membership before the price change becomes applicable. Provided that the applicable legislation allows it, your use of our Services after publishing or sending a notice about changes in these terms will be considered for all purposes your acceptance with the updated terms.








Payment services of Shasta 








Shasta, through the Application and in accordance with these Terms of Use, allows Members to access the following services (“Shasta Payment Services”):








  • Make transfers and payments to other Members and / or third parties.
  • Request money from other Members.
  • Receive and withdraw funds.
  • Currency changes.








The use of the Payment Services in Shasta is in any case subject to the separate acceptance of the terms and conditions of the Payment Institution (as said term is defined in this clause) collaborator of Shasta, who for the use of these Services of Payment in Shasta complement these Conditions of Use, and that you can find in the following link.




For a better experience, it is recommended that the first of the payments made by each Member be made by bank transfer.







a) Transfers and payments to other Members and / or third parties:




Through the Application, Members may make payments to the Accounts (as such term is defined in these Terms of Use) of other Members from their contacts in Shasta, as well as make transfers to third parties.




To make a payment, the Member who wishes to make the payment (the “Ordering Member”) must enter in the Application the exact amount to be transferred and select the beneficiary Member (the “Beneficiary Member”) of the payment from their contacts in Shasta, thus authorizing the payment transaction. The payment amount will be credited to the Account of the Beneficiary Member of the payment and charged to (a) the Account of the Originator Member when the latter has available funds, (b) to the bank account registered in the Application or (c) to the credit or debit card that you have registered. Payment will be made at the time or, if this is not possible, in a reasonably short period of time.




In the event that the Beneficiary Member is not among the Shasta contacts of the Ordering Member, the latter may execute the payment order through the Application indicating the exact amount and the email address of the Beneficiary Member, or send him a code QR that the Beneficiary Member must scan in the Application to receive the amount transferred by the ordering Member.




In the event that the beneficiary of the payment is a third party (the “Third Beneficiary“) not registered in the Application, the Ordering Member may decide between;




(i) Send an invitation to the Third Party Beneficiary via email, notifying them that they have received a payment and requesting their registration in the Application to receive it. If the Third Party Beneficiary does not accept the invitation and completes its registration in the Application within a period of 48 hours, the sending of the money will not be formalized and it will be automatically returned to the Ordering Member’s Account; or




(ii) Transfer the indicated amount by entering the bank account number of the Third Beneficiary, for which it will be required to provide Shasta with all the necessary data to carry out this transaction.




When the Application allows it, transfers may be made in a currency other than the local currency of the Ordering Member in which their Account is denominated. This will be considered an Exchange service (as said term is defined in these Terms of Use) and the conditions indicated in section d) of this clause will apply.








b) Request for money to other Members:




Members will be able to request money from other Members from among their Shasta contacts.




To make a request for money, the Member making the request must enter in the Application the exact amount that they wish to receive and select the Member from among their contacts in Shasta, thus authorizing the sending of a communication to the Member from whom payment is requested , that you can make the payment or reject it.







c) Receive and withdraw funds from the Account:




Each Member’s Account will receive all the payments that other Members make to it and it will accumulate said payments in the Account, in such a way that they constitute the funds with which to (a) make payments, or (b) order the withdrawal of those funds from your Account to the bank account that you have registered in the Application or to the bank account linked to the credit or debit card that you have registered in the Application. The balance in the Application may be reflected in any of the currencies accepted by Shasta.




To proceed to withdraw funds from the Account, the Member who owns the Account must enter the exact amount to be withdrawn and their destination bank account or the credit or debit card, from among those registered in the Application, thus authorizing the execution of the transaction.




The amount withdrawn will be credited to the Member’s Account at the time or, if this is not possible, within a reasonably short period of time.




When a Member’s Account receives payments in multiple currencies or that Member makes Changes (as such term is defined in these Terms of Use), the Account accumulates separate balances for each currency.







b) Currency changes:




Through the Application, Members may request a currency exchange on the amount they deem appropriate up to the maximum amount of funds available in their Accounts to carry out this operation (“Change“).




The Member who wishes to request a Change must enter in the Application the currency of origin, the exact amount and the currency to which the selected amount is to be changed. Once said request is made, the Member will receive a change proposal with the exact amount that they will receive once the Change is confirmed and completed (the “Resulting Amount”). This change proposal will have a temporarily limited availability, usually thirty (30) seconds, in which the Member may accept or reject said proposal, the lack of acceptance being understood as the rejection of it. Once confirmed and accepted by the bank, the Member will have access to the result of the Exchange operation, immediately or, if this is not possible, in a reasonably short period of time, in the Member’s Account.




The applicable exchange rate will be the one offered in each Exchange by the bank of the Payment Institution. The Resulting Amount will include all commissions, fees and service charges applied in the Change. Each Change proposal will allow the Member to know the total of the commissions, fees and service charges applied, either as an exact total amount or through the percentage that it represents on the Resulting Amount.




The Application will show the types of currencies available at all times. Shasta does not guarantee the availability of any currency for the Exchange, nor the viability or success of the Exchange operation until it has been offered, confirmed by the Member in accordance with these Terms of Use and effectively carried out by the entity. bank.








Authorization of Operations and Telematic Signature




The User gives his express consent to the use of electronic means of acceptance, such as the action of clicking on a checkbox or on an icon that includes expressions such as “accept”, “end”, “ok”, “confirm “, Or similar, or the introduction of a username and password (” Telematic Signature “), as a way of giving consent for, by way of example, but not limited to, the conclusion of contracts with Shasta, the Payment Entity and the Electronic Money Entity, the acceptance of warnings and communications, as well as for the sending of orders and instructions through the Application relating to Payment Services and Card Services in Shasta.




Consequently, the sending of orders and instructions through the Application implies the authorization and acceptance by the User of the operation carried out, as well as the impossibility of refusing or rejecting the operations carried out through the Application (even in cases where , due to the User’s negligence, he or a third party who had access to his Smartphone carried out the operation, or when he has acted fraudulently or in bad faith).




The User expressly accepts that both Shasta and the Payment Entity and the Electronic Money Entity may file the contracts and orders signed on their secure servers, by way of telematic delivery, and use them as proof of their execution. In the event of a discrepancy between your copy and the archived contract or order, the latter shall prevail.








Shasta payment account




In order to carry out its Services and evaluate the application as a Member, Shasta requires the User’s permission to access the list of contacts on their mobile device whose mobile phone number is linked to their account. If said Services are denied, they cannot be provided. 




By becoming part of Shasta as a Member, a payment account (“Account“) opened by Shasta’s collaborating Payment Institution will be automatically associated with it, into which the payments received from other Members will be entered and to which you can link the data of one or more physical debit or credit cards, as well as current accounts issued or opened in your name by a credit institution in EU territory or an equivalent third party to provide it with funds. In order to make payments to other Members, the User must register one or more physical debit or credit cards.




The payment orders initiated, the commissions and expenses that are generated and the payments received will be recorded in an accounting account that will allow the User to know the detail of the payment operations executed and the amount of money available in her Account at all times. .




The collaborating company that provides the payment services that are regulated in these Terms of Use is EASY PAYMENT AND FINANCE, EP, S.A. (the “Payment Entity”) with registered office at Calle Gran Vía, nº 51, 6º C, 28013, Madrid, provided with N.I.F. A-85785905, and registered in the Madrid Mercantile Registry. The Payment Institution is subject to the supervision of the Bank of Spain and is registered in the Official Register of Payment Institutions of the Bank of Spain under number 6849. The Payment Institution safeguards the funds received for the execution of payment operations by keeping them in a bank account separate from your own funds.




The terms and conditions of the Payment Institution that for the use of the Payment Services in Shasta complement these Conditions of Use.




Each Member can access the history of payments made and received through the Application, as well as their account balances.




It is the responsibility of each Member to check all movements carefully and notify the Payment Entity through the Application immediately and without delay in the event that said movements include any that may seem incorrect or that have not been carried out in accordance with its instructions. .








Shasta account and card services




Additionally, and only for Members who request it through Shasta, the possibility is offered of requesting the opening of an electronic money account and contracting a prepaid financial card linked to it and enjoying the services associated with them. (“Card Services”).




The collaborating company that provides the Card Services is PECUNIA CARDS EDE, S.L.U. (the “Entidad de Dinero Electrónico”), a Spanish company domiciled at C / Guzmán El Bueno, nº 133, Edificio América, Bajo B, 28003 – Madrid, provided with NIF: B86972346 and registered in the Madrid Mercantile Registry at T. 43345, F. 58, H. B, 1st Inscription and in the Bank of Spain’s Electronic Money Entities Register with number 6707.




By contracting the Card Services, the Member expressly accepts the transfer of all their available funds, if any, from the account described in clause 2.3 to the electronic money account contracted, which will be considered the Member “Account” for the purposes of these Terms of Use (for clarification purposes, Members will not retain any rights to the first account). Once the Electronic Money Entity has authorized the opening of the electronic money account, the aforementioned transfer will be executed and the funds will be safeguarded by the Electronic Money Entity for the execution of Payment Services described in these Conditions of Use and Services card.




The Card Services in Shasta are in any case subject to the separate acceptance of the terms and conditions of said services (“Conditions of Contract and Use of Card Services“), which for the use of these Card Services in Shasta complement the these Terms of Use.




Without prejudice to the rates, prices and commissions that are detailed in these Conditions of Use, the Card Services are subject to the rates, prices and commissions that are detailed in the Conditions of Contract and Use of Card Services.












Requirements to Use the Services




Minors under the age of 18 cannot use the Services. To use the Services, you agree that: (i) you must be of the “Minimum Age” (defined below); (ii) you will only have one Shasta account, which must be in your real name (and, where appropriate, will include your company data); (iii) Shasta has not restricted your use of the Services. Creating an account with false information is a violation of our Terms of Use; This also applies to accounts registered in the name of other people or used by minors under the age of 18; and (iv) you must complete all the forms and provide all the information and documentation that is required (including your mobile phone number) during the registration procedure and the “know your client” process, in order for Shasta to know if You meet the requirements to be a Member, prepare the assessments and checks required by law for the use of all the Services, as well as future services and functionalities that we may potentially offer you in the future.




“Minimum age” means 18 years old. However, if applicable law requires that you must be older in order for Shasta to lawfully provide the Services to you without parental consent (including the use of your personal data), then the Minimum Age will be that other age.




The requirements and conditions described in this clause 4.1 will constitute conditions for membership. In the event that at any time a Member fails to meet any of these conditions, they must immediately inform Shasta of such circumstance.








·  Your Account




The mobile phone number linked to the smartphone on which the Application has been downloaded will constitute the User’s identification credential in Shasta.




Members are the account holders. Therefore, you agree: (1) to try to choose a complex and secure password; (2) protect and maintain the confidentiality of the password; (3) not transfer any part of your account (such as contacts) and (4) comply with the relevant legislation, our list of Obligations to use the Services and, where appropriate, our conditions for membership. You are responsible for everything that happens to your account unless you notify us as soon as reasonably possible that it is being misused.








·  Payment




Downloading the Application is free. On our website, Shasta.me you will find a description of our available Service options. Certain options are offered free of charge and others require a payment to be able to enjoy them (the “Paid Memberships”). Likewise, Shasta may establish compensation prior to communication to the User for the use of all or certain Services. Any modification in this regard will be governed by the provisions of these Terms of Use.




You can purchase a paid Membership through the App by paying a monthly subscription fee in advance or in accordance with another time period that you are informed of prior to purchase. If you acquire a Paid Membership, you authorize Shasta to charge you the payment automatically, every month, until you proceed to cancel said service by contacting the customer services department through the application, in the Profile section or by email to the address [email protected]. The cancellation will take effect from the day following the last day of the current subscription period, the date on which you will no longer be able to access the features of the Paid Membership.




You will meet your payment obligations and agree that we store your payment information. You understand that our prices may be subject to additional fees or taxes.




We do not guarantee refunds. However, when the Law of your country contemplates it and as long as you have not used any of the Services of the paid Membership, you can request a refund for the entire amount of the paid Membership contracted during the 14 days after the start of the subscription (that is, when the subscription service starts).




If you purchase any of our Payment Services, you agree to pay us the applicable fees, commissions and taxes and to comply with the specific additional terms linked to such Payment Services. Non-payment of these fees may result in the termination of the Payment Services you receive. You also agree that:








  • Your purchase may be subject to exchange fees or price differences depending on your location (for example, exchange rates).
  • We may store and continue to use your payment method (such as a credit card) for billing purposes, even after it has expired, to avoid interruption of the Services and use it to pay for other Services that you may purchase.
  • All your purchases of Services are subject to Shasta’s refund policy.
  • We may calculate applicable taxes based on the billing information you provide us at the time of purchase.







You will get a copy of your invoice in the email you designate in the process of registering for the Service.




Likewise, the Electronic Money Entity will have the right to receive from the User the rates that it has established in its particular conditions for the services it provides.




In case of having made use of any of the Payment Services, the User may exercise the right of withdrawal from this Contract within a period of 14 calendar days from its signature through the unsubscribe functionality of the Application or by sending an email to the address [email protected] from the User address provided when registering the Application.








·  Fees for Payment Services




The following fees and rates will apply to the Payment Services






Multi-currency walletFreeFreeFree
Transfers between UsersFreeFreeFree
Customer Support24h support24h support24h support (prioritary assistance)
Currency exchange5 %4,5 %3,5 %
Card deposit (U.E.)FreeFreeFree
Deposit by card (outside the U.E.)3 % (Max 485€/$ weekly)2,5 % (Max 485€/$ weekly)2 % (Max 485€/$ weekly)
Deposit with SEPA transferFreeFreeFree
Deposit with SWIFT transfer1,5% (min 10 € fee)0,75% (min 10 € fee)0,25% (min 10 € fee)
Withdrawal with SEPA transferLimit: 1000€/month y 4000€/year (o 0,2%)Limit: up to 2000€/month y 10000€/year (o 0,15%)Unlimited
Withdrawal with SWIFT transfer1,5 % (min 30€ fee)0,75 % (min 25 € fee)0,25 % (min 25 € fee)
ATM withdrawalATM costATM costATM cost
SHASTA cardFree with 20€/$20 depositFreeFree
FREE4,99€ – $5,9924,99€ – $29,99


* Currency exchange: The associated commission is included in the ratio offered at the time of currency exchange.


* Shasta Card Lite Deposit: In order to apply for the Shasta card, a minimum contribution of € 20 is required for the Lite subscription. Lite + and Premium do not require a contribution to the Shasta account.




The commissions, rates and service charges applicable to Exchange services will be those expressed in each Exchange operation in accordance with the provisions of clause 1.5 of these Terms of Use.







The following fees and rates will apply to the Payment Services for business entities: 

Free multi-currency accountFreeFree
Transfer between Shasta accountsFreeFree
24h supportYes (priority assistance)Yes (priority assistance)
Currency exchange4,5%3,5%
Withdrawal to BNC VES accounts2.5%2%
BNC VES account deposit2.5%2%
Intra-European Regular Entry Transfer (SEPA)FreeFree
Intra-European Regular Outbound Transfer (SEPA)0.06%0.04%
International Regular Inbound Transfer (SWIFT)0.5% (minimum € 30 / $ fee)0.25% (minimum € 25 / $ fee)
International Regular Outbound Transfer (SWIFT)0.5% (minimum € 30 / $ fee)0.25% (minimum € 25 / $ fee)
Direct debit of payrollFreeFree
Cash withdrawal to BNC accounts3,5%3%
Electronic withdrawal to BNC accounts2.5%2%
BNC account cash deposit2.5%2%
Electronic deposit of BNC accounts2.5%2%
FREE59,99€ / $69,99



* 0.083% month of your paid monthly payroll.

  * Currency exchange: The associated commission is included in the ratio offered at the time of currency exchange.


The commissions, rates and service charges applicable to Exchange services will be those expressed in each Exchange operation in accordance with the provisions of clause 1.5 of these Terms of Use.








Rights and limitations




Availability of the Services




We may change, suspend or withdraw any Service, or change and modify future fees and commissions at our sole discretion. To the extent permitted by law, these changes will be effective when communicated to you.




We can change or withdraw any of our Services. We cannot guarantee that we will store or continue to display the information or content that you have posted.




Shasta is not a warehousing service. You agree that we have no obligation to store, preserve or provide you with a copy of any content or information that you or others provide us, except to the extent required by law and as stated in our Privacy Policy.








Other Content, Websites and Applications




Your use of the content and information of others published on our Services is at your own risk and expense.




Other third parties may offer their own products and services through our Services, but we are not responsible for the activities of those third parties.




When using the Services, you may encounter inaccurate, incomplete, outdated, misleading, illegal, offensive, or harmful information or content. Shasta does not generally review content provided by its Members or others. You agree that you are not responsible for the content or information of other people (including other Members). We cannot always prevent such misuse of our Services, and you agree that we are not responsible for such use. We also recognize the risk that you or your company may be mistakenly associated with content about other people.




You are responsible for deciding if you want to access or use third-party applications or websites that have a link from our Services. If you allow a third-party website or application to authenticate you or connect to your Shasta account, that website or application will be able to access your information and that of your contacts on Shasta. Third-party websites and applications have their own legal terms and privacy policies, and you may be giving third parties permission to use your information in ways that we would not use it. Except in limited cases where required by applicable law, Shasta is not responsible for these other websites and applications; use them at your own risk and expense.












Shasta reserves the right to limit your use of the Services, including your number of contacts and your ability to contact other Members. Shasta reserves the right to restrict, suspend or close your account if it believes that you may have violated this Agreement, the law or that you are using the Services incorrectly (for example, you have violated the list of “Obligations to use the Services”, and our conditions for membership).







Intellectual Property Rights




Shasta reserves all of its intellectual property rights in the Services. The use of the Services does not confer ownership of them or the content or information displayed through them. The brands and logos used in connection with the Services are the trademarks of their respective owners. Shasta, the “Shasta” logos and other Shasta marks, service marks, graphics and logos used for our Services are trademarks of Shasta. 




Regarding the photographs and images that Users contribute to the Services, they will grant Shasta and its subsidiaries a worldwide, non-exclusive, transferable, sublicensable license and exempt from copyright payments to host, use, distribute, modify, maintain, reproduce and to show.




You can terminate this license for a specific photograph or image by deleting said content from the Services, or in general by closing your account, except for the reasonable time it takes to remove it from backups and other systems.







Exclusions and limitation of liability




Warranty Exclusion




We waive any legal liability derived from the quality, safety or reliability of our Services.




To the extent permitted by law, Shasta, its affiliates and those who work with Shasta to provide the Services (a) are not responsible for any implied warranties or representations (such as warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, accuracy data and non-infringement); (b) do not guarantee that the Services will be able to be used without interruptions or without operating errors; and (c) provide the Service (including content and information) as available.








Liability Exclusion




To the extent permitted by law (and unless Shasta has entered into a separate written agreement that supersedes this agreement), Shasta and its affiliates (and those who work with Shasta to provide the Services) will not be liable for any consequential damages, inherent, special, consequential or punitive, or for the loss of data, opportunities, reputation or profits or income related to the Services (such as offensive or defamatory statements, lost time, use or changes in your information or content).




The responsibility of Shasta, its affiliates and those who work with Shasta to provide the Services will not exceed in any event, after all claims are added, the amount that is less than (a) five times the most recent commission you have paid for a payment service, if applicable, or (b) 1,000 euros.




This limitation of liability is part of the agreement between you and Shasta, and will apply to all liability claims (such as warranty, damage, negligence, contract, law), even if this damage has been reported to Shasta and its affiliates, and even although these solutions do not remedy its essential purpose.
















Both you and Shasta may terminate this Agreement at any time after notifying the other party. Once terminated, you will lose the right to access and use the Services. The following will continue to apply after termination:




  • The right of Members to re-share content and information that you shared through the Service provided they were copied or re-shared prior to termination.
  • Sections 4, 6, 7 and 8 of this Agreement.
  • Any amounts owed by either party prior to termination will continue to be due after termination.








Applicable legislation and conflict resolution 




The interpretation, validity and execution of these Terms of Use, as well as the Privacy Policy and the Cookies Policy, are governed by Spanish legislation (with the exception of its provisions on conflict of laws).




Both parties agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Barcelona courts. If you are a consumer or user and you have your habitual residence in the European Union, you will also have the protection that any mandatory provision of European legislation, state and regional in your country of residence, may offer you.




The European Commission offers a platform for alternative dispute resolution, which you can access here: https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/ If you want to communicate any matter to us, please contact us at our email [email protected].










General provisions




If a court with authority over this Agreement determines that any part of it cannot be applied, you and we agree that the court will modify the terms so that part can be applied and continue to serve its purpose. If the court cannot get it, you and we agree to ask the court to remove that unenforceable part and to keep the rest of the Contract.




To the extent permitted by law, the Spanish version of this Agreement is binding, while translations are provided for convenience only. This Agreement (including any additional terms we establish when you interact with functionality of the Services that so indicates) is the only agreement between us on the Services and supersedes all previous agreements on the Services.




Failure to act in the event of a breach of this Agreement does not mean that Shasta has waived its right to enforce the Agreement. You may not assign or transfer this Agreement (or your account or use of the Services) to anyone without our consent. However, you agree that Shasta assigns this Agreement to its affiliates or to a third party who purchases it without your consent. There are no other third party beneficiaries of the Contract.




You agree that Shasta may be required by law to remove certain information or content in certain countries.




You agree that the only way to send us a legal notice will be at the address provided in clause 13.







Obligations to use the services




As a Member or User you agree that you will:




a) Comply with all relevant laws, including, but not limited to, privacy laws, intellectual property laws, antispam laws, export control laws, tax and tax laws, and other regulatory requirements.




b) Provide us with accurate information and keep it updated.




c) Use your real name in the profile and provide only the information and content to which you are entitled and that the information in your Shasta profile is true.




d) Provide only content and information that does not infringe the law or the rights of any person (including intellectual property rights).




e) Use the Services in a professional manner.




f) Comply at all times with all the obligations assumed in this Contract.




g) Notify Shasta in the event that you no longer meet the conditions for membership.








As a Member or User, you agree not to:




a) Use or create a false identity in Shasta, falsify your identity, create a Member profile for someone other than you (a natural person), or use or attempt to use another person’s account.




b) Develop, support or use programs, devices, scripts, robots or any other means or process (including crawlers, navigation plugins and add-ons, or any other technology) to plagiarize (scrape) the Services or otherwise copy profiles or others data of the Services.




c) Bypass any security functionality or circumvent any access control or limits on the use of the Service (such as limits on keyword searches or profile views).




d) Copy, use, disclose or distribute any information obtained from the Services, either directly or through third parties (such as search engines), without the consent of Shasta.




e) Reveal information that you do not have the right to share (such as confidential information of third parties, including your company).




f) Infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties such as copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets or other property rights. For example, do not copy or distribute (except through available sharing functionality) other people’s posts or other content without their permission.




g) Infringe the intellectual property or other rights of Shasta, including, without limitation, (i) copying or distributing our materials and technology; (ii) use the term “Shasta” or our logos in any trade name, email or URL.




h) Post anything that contains program viruses, worms or any other harmful code.




i) Use reverse engineering techniques, decompile, disassemble, decrypt or otherwise try to obtain the source code of the Services or any related technology that is not open source.




j) To imply or declare that you are associated or endorsed by Shasta without our express consent.




k) Rent, lend, market, sell / resell or obtain any other type of benefit from the Services or related data, or access them without the consent of Shasta.




l) Establish links to our Services for any purpose other than promoting your profile or a group on our Services, without Shasta’s consent.




m) Use bots or other automated methods to access the Services, to add or download contacts, or to send or redirect messages.




n) Control the availability, performance or operation of the Services for competitive purposes.




o) Carry out “framing” or “mirroring” practices, or otherwise simulate the appearance or function of the Services.




p) Overlaying or otherwise modifying the Services or their appearance (such as, for example, inserting elements into the Services or removing, covering up or concealing advertisements included in the Services).




q) Interfere with the operation or load the Services in an unreasonable manner (for example, spam, denial of service attacks, viruses or gaming algorithms).




r) Violate the Policies for the professional community or any other additional terms related to a specific Service when you log in or start using said Service.











Members expressly assume the strictest duty of confidentiality regarding the content and information to which they have access within Shasta, as well as the conversations, negotiations and actions related to its object within Shasta (the “Confidential Information”), committing not to disclose, neither in whole nor in part, said Confidential Information to third parties without the prior written authorization of Shasta and the Members who may be affected in any way by such disclosure.




This clause will remain in force after the resolution or termination of this Contract or of any of the Services provided therein for a period of no less than 4 years.











A cookie is a file that is downloaded to the user’s computer / smartphone / tablet when accessing certain web pages to store and retrieve information about the navigation that is carried out from said equipment. To learn more about the Cookies Policy, we invite you to access the Cookies Policy accessible through the website, the application and the following link https://shasta.me/en/privacy-policy-en/












We respect the intellectual property rights of other people. We require that the information posted by Members is accurate and does not infringe the intellectual property rights or other rights of third parties. You can submit complaints about content posted by our Members at [email protected].








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If you want to send us notices about a specific procedure, please contact us at the following address: [email protected].



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