Feeling safe is very important when doing any action, and when it comes to our pocket even more. That’s why today we bring you a series of tips so that you can make your online purchases in the best possible way👇

  • Check the address of the website 💻: Before making any payment on the Internet, make sure that the address matches the website you are buying from, and that it starts with https://.
  • Use a good password 🔐: Using a good password always helps to avoid cyber theft or cyber fraud among others. For that reason, always use long passwords that mix symbols, letters and numbers. Remember, prevention is better than cure.
  • Don’t fall for pop-up offers! 🚫: Try to avoid those offers that suddenly appear in pop-up format as well as windows that offer you prizes, trips or very attractive offers, among others, because they are not what they seem.
  • Try to avoid public WIFI networks 📶:  Never make a purchase from a public WIFI network as they increase the risk. Otherwise, if you have no other option, you can use a VPN, (Virtual Private Network).
  • Always use the same card 💳 : Try to ensure that the internet can only remember one card, always the same one, to avoid extra risks. Also, try not to have too much money, just the necessary money, so that if they have to steal you, they won’t get too much.

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