We start the month of August with a new feature: as of today, you already have an IBAN associated to your personal account. I’m sure you’re wondering, what is it for, or what is an IBAN? Here we tell you 👇

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What does IBAN allow you to do?

With the IBAN code, you can receive and make payments or transfers directly to your personal Shasta account from any country in the SEPA zone and in international territory. For international transfers and receipts, it is necessary to provide the BIC or SWIFT code of the recipient institution and at the same time, these transfers must be made in Euros.

– BIC or SWIFT code: it is an acronym of the initials Society for World Interbank Financial Telecommunication, what characterizes the SWIFT is that it is an international code and it is required when you want to make an international transfer.

How does the IBAN work in Shasta?

In order to enjoy this functionality you must be registered in the application with an international passport or E.U. documentation, either national document or passport.

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Important: The passports presented must be valid.

To find out where to find your IBAN simply:

  • Login to your Shasta profile and go to the Send funds to your Shasta account section.
  • Select EP Bank in Euros and then you will see the SEPA and SWIFT bank details of your Shasta account.
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Is it an IBAN to have your own account?

No, the IBAN we provide acts as the Shasta account identifier number, therefore, it is not possible to obtain a bank account certificate as the IBAN does not perform this function.

Important information
  • Transfers to your Shasta account using your IBAN must be made in Euros, currently they are not available in US dollars.

Now that you are aware of this new feature, you may be interested to know that What is the difference between SWIFT and SEPA credit transfers? and IBAN: what is it and what is it used for?

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