Do you have family or friends living in another country? Do you need to make a payment for a product or service to a foreign company? There are many reasons why you might need a tool to send money abroad, that’s why Shasta can help you.

There is a wide range of options when it comes to methods for sending money abroad, such as PayPal or TransferWise, but do you know why Shasta is the best choice?

1. You can make bank transfers (SWIFT and SEPA) at a very low cost.

Downloading the Shasta app is free! There is also no maintenance fee and transfers between Shasta accounts are free, but if you need to make an intra-European transfer (SEPA) they cost €2.99 while in other banks it can cost between €20 and €50. Please note that depending on the membership you are affiliated with the price varies, for example in Lite+, Premium and VIP plans this type of transfers are FREE.

In the case of international transfers (SWIFT), the commission percentage also varies according to membership.

  • Lite: minimum €30 over 1.5%.
  • Lite+: minimum €25 over 0.75%.
  • Premium: minimum 25 € over 0.50%.
  • VIP: minimum 25 € over 0.25%.

You can check the prices of memberships in Venezuela by clicking here and those in Europe here

The memberships on the left are available if registration is done with passport or extension (international ecosystem available). The memberships on the right, if the registration is made with identity card (national ecosystem).

2. You have the option of shipping in euros or dollars.

The great advantage of Shasta is that you have a multicurrency account (in euro and dollar). This allows you to send euros and dollars to anyone, and if you need to change currency, you can do it without leaving the app.

3. Choose whether you want to send euros or dollars through bank transfer or Shasta to Shasta transactions.

Apart from SWIFT and SEPA transfers, if your friends and family are also registered with Shasta, you can send them money for free.

Now you know, Shasta is the cheapest option to send money abroad and make currency exchanges. Remember, follow us on our social networks to find out all the latest news.

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