Shasta, just launched its new Shasta Card, which will allow our users to make unlimited payments, national or international, and in a instantly way.

With Shasta Card, forget about carrying cash unnecessarily, now you can pay whatever you want, whenever you want and wherever you want.

What advantages can you get with Shasta Card?

  • Make unlimited payments anywhere without using cash and without worrying.
  • Withdraw money for free from any bank.
  • Two free cash withdrawals per month.
  • Safety first. You can instantly freeze or turn off your card from the application. In addition, you will be able to use a maximum amount of money.
  • Shasta Card, will use the balance within the App, either in euros or dollars, and will take care of the necessary currency exchange, when needed.

Are you thinking of using Shasta Card in your business?

Shasta Card can mean a before and after in the operation of your business. At Shasta, we adapt the card and personalize it 100% to the client company in order to cover all their needs.

Forget about the paper payrolls of a lifetime, from now on, with Shasta Card you will be able to pay your employees and transfer money within the company, in the most comfortable and easy way possible.

Another advantage offered by Shasta Card is the control or management of payments made within the company. With this option, you will be able to control and make a record of all the payments that take place in each department of the company.

What are you waiting for to order yours?

Keep an eye on our website to receive more information about Shasta Card and its advantages.