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Shasta personal data processing

If you are thinking of registering or are already registered with Shasta, this information is of your interest:

  • Who is responsible for the treatment of your data?


Shasta Technologies S.L., Tax ID: B67394254

Registered office:

Rambla de Catalunya, 49, Principal 2a, 08007 Barcelona (Spain) 

Email address:

[email protected]

  • What personal data do you provide us?

 As you know, Shasta carefully selects its Members. At the time of your registration, we will ask you for information regarding the KYC process, which involves identifying and financial data and documentation in order to verify that you meet the registration requirements and to configure your account.

If you meet the registration requirements, once accepted as a Member of Shasta we will collect information about the use you make of our services, so we will treat the content that is generated during your activity. This includes information about the transactions and the use you make of our services, including queries or remarks directed to the customer service. 

You should know that from the moment you access the Application for the first time we will collect information about the connections (time and duration) that you make to it.

  • What data do we collect from your device?

 It is possible that information is collected from the mobile phone you use to access your profile. Among the data we collect you can find: 

  1. Device characteristics: information about the operating system, battery, available storage space, etc. 
  2. Device identifier.
  3. Data on device functions when enabled: GPS location.
  4. Device signals: Bluetooth signals and information on beacons, mobile phone towers and access points to nearby Wi-Fi networks.
  5. Telephone number, IP address, mobile phone operator or internet provider, connection speed, device language, time zone.
  • For what purpose do we process your personal data?

 Whichever method you use to access Shasta, whenever you start the registration process, your data will be treated as indicated in this document. 

Shasta will process your personal data to validate the registration information including your financial data and once validated, create, configure and update your user account. We will also use your data to offer our services as indicated in the Terms and Conditions and resolve doubts and queries that may arise. 

We inform you that your personal data will be processed for automated decision making and profiling in order to adjust your user profile and show you during your browsing those offers and services that best suit your needs.

We will use your data to develop, improve and personalize the Application. In case you enable the geolocation option, we will use this data to improve the offer of products and services that we show you during navigation. 

We will process your data to combat harmful behaviour, promote security and prevent breach of our Terms and Conditions or other policies. 

We will also process your contact information (email and phone number) to send you notices about the operation of the service, mandatory communications and confirmation of payments and contracts. 

We also inform you that Shasta will anonymize your data for statistical use.

  • For how long will we keep your personal data?

 If you are a Shasta Member we will process your personal data while you keep your account active, and once unsubscribed, the data will be stored for the time necessary for defence against possible claims and to comply with any legal obligations that may have been generated. 

If you have applied to join Shasta as a Member, but enrolment has not been completed, we will keep your data blocked for the time necessary to defend against possible claims. 

Anonymised statistical data will be kept in the system indefinitely.

  • What if the data is from a minor?

 Our services are exclusively offered for people of legal age. Therefore, the registration of minors in Shasta is not allowed.

In any case, if you are a parent or legal representative and consider that a minor in your responsibility has sent us personal data, please contact us by sending an email to [email protected].

  • What is the legitimacy for the treatment of your personal data?

 We treat your personal data based on the consent you give us when you download the application and in execution of the Terms and Conditions that regulate our relationship and, where appropriate, compliance with legal obligations. 

Once registered as a Member, we can also process your data based on legitimate interest.

  • To which third parties can your data be communicated?

 No information from our Member’s accounts will be considered public. We are also committed not to use Members’ personal data for promotional purposes without express authorization. 

The Application allows making transactions with other active Members; in these interactions the privacy guarantees will always be respected. Shasta is not responsible for the information that you or other Members decide to share outside the scope of the Application. 

Shasta acts as an intermediary and may interact with different financial operators to provide the services offered. When you access your services from the community, we will communicate those data that are essential to facilitate the desired management. All this only after carrying out the necessary measures to ensure that we can share such information and having entered into the corresponding contract with the collaborator, in accordance with the applicable data protection laws.

Due to our activity, we may have to send your data to the corresponding public administrations whenever there is a legal obligation, we may also communicate information at the request of the security forces and bodies.

  • What are your rights when you provide us with personal data?

 Your rights regarding your personal data are:

  • Right to request access to personal data: you can ask us if we are treating your data, and if so, access it.
  • Right to request rectification if the data is inaccurate, or to complete the data if it is incomplete. 
  • Right to request the deletion of your data.
  • Right to request the limitation of your data’s treatment: in this case we will only keep the data stored for the exercise or defence of claims.
  • Right to object to the treatment of your data: we will stop processing your personal data, with the exception that it must continue to be processed for legitimate reasons or for the exercise or defence of possible claims.
  • Right to data portability: in case you want your data to be processed by another data controller, we will facilitate the transfer of your data to the new data controller.
  • Right to not be the subject of a decision based solely on the automated processing of your personal data.

At Shasta we treat your data based on the consent you give us when registering and accepting the Terms and Conditions. You should know that you have the right to withdraw it at any time, without that affecting the legality of the treatment carried out prior to the withdrawal. 

To exercise your rights you must contact us by sending an email to [email protected] or in writing to the address of our registered offices. 

Whenever you consider it appropriate, you can file a claim to the Spanish Data Protection Agency

Remember that you are responsible for the data you provide us, so your data must be truthful, accurate and you must keep it updated.

  • How have we obtained your data?

 The data that we will treat will be the one you provide us when requesting to enrol in Shasta, when providing data to your account and the one obtained from your devices and activities. 

If you have received an invitation from us to join Shasta, it means that you have previously provided us with your personal data or that is has been provided to us by a third party that you have authorized in order for us to invite you to join Shasta. In the event that your data has been provided by a third party in the invitation, we will indicate the source that has provided us with your personal data to invite you to Shasta, having previously informed and obtained your consent to do so. 

If the invitation has been received by one of our collaborators, you should know that these invitations are managed anonymously and Shasta will only process your personal data in the event that you download the Application and register with Shasta.

  • Modifications

We will only use your personal data as established in this document, which is in force at the time we collect your information. In the event that Shasta carries out a modification on the treatment of your data, we will inform you promptly.


Last modification: March 2021


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