In times of crisis and difficulty, humans develop more ease and capacity for ingenuity, seeking new resources to carry out their tasks as normally as possible.

Internet and new technologies have provided endless possibilities to carry out certain work activities from home and, thanks to that, telework is very present in our society.

According to the National Institute of Statistics (INE)


“Working from home or teleworking, increases productivity by 25% and spends 11% more time working”


Currently, with the COVID-19, society is forced to practice telework and this makes it face a world that is still quite new for most people, the technological world, which will make us change our habits and perspectives.


Key aspects to face teleworking


  • Discipline and habits: Working from home allows you more freedom than you would have in the office, but it’s important to maintain certain habits that are usually faced in the work space. For example, as silly as it may seem, showering, dressing and eating breakfast before work increases your professional disposition.
  • Your own space: Ideally, you should find a room in your home where you feel comfortable and which is as private as possible, in order to avoid possible distractions.
  • Stable schedules: When working from home, nobody controls your work schedule and that allows you to spread out your time in a more comfortable way, but be careful, we cannot relax. It is important to have a discipline in time to be able to manage and organize the tasks so as not to lose productivity.
  • Time zone: Detect at what time of day you are most productive to perform your tasks.
  • Free time: When working from home, we can generate more stress or tiredness because we have the feeling that our availability is permanent. That is why it is very important to have stable schedules and respect the free time for the necessary rest.


Useful tools for teleworking:


  • Rescue Time: App that allows the user to find the hours in which he is most productive, generate better habits and dominate time.
  • Trello: Collaborative tool that allows you to organize all your projects in a visual way. It allows you to see your tasks and those of the rest, as well as the stages.
  • Slack: Instant communication tool that acts as an alternative to email.
  • Zoom: App specialized in group video calls for large numbers of people. Perfect for team meetings.
  • Google Drive: Tool that allows you to save and share different types of files, attached to emails, such as documents, PDFs, photos and videos.

Working from home has never been easier!