After the gifts, the festivities, and now that the sales are approaching, it’s time to face the famous January slope.

January, the month of catching up on our finances, putting our expenses in order, setting new goals and trying to achieve them.

The ideal for your economy would perhaps have been to control those impulses that have presented themselves during the Christmas and New Year’s Eve holidays, but who hasn’t gone overboard by using the Shasta Card? Everyone. That’s why we can’t go back now, but we can give you a few tricks in the pure Shasta style to better optimize your expenses during this month of January (and the next ones).


  • Offers / Discounts: Sales, offers, discounts and promotions are the biggest expenses on the January slope, so it is important not to fall into temptation. All these offers and discounts only make the consumer make a bigger purchase than he would normally do. This January, it is important to value the offers that are presented to you and buy only what you really want and need.


  • Control and organize your usual expenses: A good option to make the January cost more bearable is to control your usual expenses. Tighten your belt a little and limit consumption to save. Reduce bills such as gas or heating to compensate for other expenses and balance your accounts. Shasta offers you an efficient way to organize your expenses, since with the App, you can control all your income and expenses instantly.


  • Necessary shopping list: Making a shopping list can be very useful to find out what you can and cannot consume. With Shasta App, you will be able to control all your movements, which you can see and review whenever you want with just a click on the symbol next to the exchange.

These are some of the tips to make the January hill not so difficult to overcome, but without a doubt, the best solution to overcome the January hill is anticipation. That’s why saving before Christmas can save you from headaches.

Organizing and controlling your accounts well will help you see that saving every month is easier than you think, and what better option than with Shasta App?