Is it the first time you use Shasta and you don’t know how to deposit money in the application? Don’t worry, in this article we explain step by step how to do it.

Deposit money by bank transfer

In Shasta, you can deposit money from accounts of any bank where you are the account holder. To make or receive funds, it is very important that the data shown in the App are the same as those you enter when making the bank transfer to your Shasta account, especially the concept, which is unique for each Shasta user.

Deposit money by credit card or debit card

Apart from depositing money by bank transfer, you can also do it by credit or debit card. The first step you must do is to add the card to the application. How? Very easy. To add the debit or credit card you must:

  • Go to your Profile and in the “Balance” section, click on the “Add money” option.
  • Select the “Add Card” method to enter your credit or debit card information.
  • Click on “Save card” and once you have successfully added your card, click on the “Continue” button and you’re done!

Remember that if you wish, you can delete it or replace it and change it for another one you have by clicking on the added card. If you are a Venezuelan user, the deposit and withdrawal process is a little different, we will tell you more about it.

National Ecosystem: How to deposit and withdraw money?

If you register with a valid Venezuelan identity card, you can operate with the functionalities of the National Ecosystem, where it is an optional requirement to have linked BNC currency accounts. If you do not have a BNC foreign currency account, do not worry, you can start the opening process to be able to use it with Shasta.

Once you have your BNC foreign currency account, you can link it in the App and operate with your respective ecosystem to send or receive money anywhere in the world. The BNC currency account that you can use to link in Shasta are exclusively foreign currency accounts.

Please note that there are two accounts, the electronic account and the cash account.

  • Electronic account: with this account you can instantly deposit money from the BNC to the App.
  • Cash account: with this account, you can withdraw funds from the App to the BNC, so you can later withdraw them through the bank.

Important: with the cash account, you can deposit up to a maximum of $200.

Therefore, if you want to deposit money you must do it with the BNC’s electronic euro or dollar account. If you want to withdraw money in cash, you must do it through the BNC’s euro and dollar cash account.

International Ecosystem: How to deposit and withdraw money?

If you register with a Venezuelan passport or extension, you can deposit money in Shasta in euro and dollar from accounts of any bank in which you are the holder or also deposit money with a credit or debit card.

Remember that with Shasta you cannot withdraw cash directly from the app, but you can add it to your BNC euro or dollar cash account for withdrawal.

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