Now that we’ve joined Banco Nacional de Crédito ou can link your BNC account to your Shasta profile, and if you don’t have one, creating one is easy. Here is how 👇
Is it mandatory to have a BNC account?

No, it is only required if you have registered with a cedula, if you have registered with a passport or extension (always valid) it is not required.

How to open a BNC account?

1. Enter the web portal

2. Access the Menu Personas, then select (click even if you get the drop-down where it says) Cuentas and go to the bottom of the page and click on  Pre-Registro de Clientes BNC.

3. Choose the type of Documento de Identificación to register and enter your email address. Finally click on “Generar”.

4. In the email you have entered, you will receive a message from the BNC containing a link, click on it, it will redirect you to the Formulario de Pre-registro. Remember, the link will expire 3 continuous days after receiving the message.

5. Fill out the form, then a pre-registration voucher will be generated for you to download. In addition, the following information will be required: ID + RIF + Invoice for the last 3 months + proof of employment indicating position and salary in bolivars or certification of income + 2 references (bank or personal or a combination of both). In some cases, you may be required to provide additional support*.

*Once you have started the pre-registration, you will have 20 days to complete all this information, otherwise it will expire.

Once you have completed these steps, log in to your personal email address and click on the link “Complete el Formulario del Pre-Registro” and that’s it!

Once you have created the account you will need to generate the BINGO BNC, what is it for? Here we tell you 👇
In order to link your account you first need the credentials card. You can get it once you have finished the pre-registration process and have gone to the branch to sign in. These are the steps to follow to link your account to Shasta.

1. Access the portal
2. Check the “Transferencias”, and then “BINGO BNC”.

3. Answer the security questions and then the system will show you a message with a security code and select “Continuar”.

4. Register the code received on the cell phone and then the BINGO file will be generated in PDF format.

5. Open the file and save or print it in order to use it in the Shasta wallet affiliation process, i.e. to be able to link it to the App.

How to link the BNC account to Shasta?

First of all you must enter , and then:
1. Select“Billeteras” and then “Afiliación”.
2. Chose “Billetera a afiliar” and “Cuenta a afiliar“.

3. Enter the “Wallet Identifier Code”, this code is the validation code that corresponds to the telephone prefix along with your cell phone number, for example: +58 123 456 789.
Remember: this cell phone number must be the same as the one registered to Shasta’s profile. Once you have entered all the data, you must click on “Continuar”.

4. If everything has been done correctly and you will get a screen with your data, then you should select “Continuar” to go to the next step.

5. In the next screen you must enter the Control number that is in the BINGO BNC document, then you must enter the Coordinate number that is indicated to you. Once you have entered all the data, click on the button “Continuar”.

Once you have entered all the data and it has been done correctly, you will see the following screen of “Directorio”. This screen should display the foreign currency accounts you have and you will be able to verify that the affiliation has been successful. 

Once the accounts have been affiliated, access Shasta and select the “BNC Account” button, this will automatically synchronize the accounts. In the event of making any changes to the “Directorio” If the BNC is not available, reopen the Shasta app and select the ” ” button again. BNC Account” to update the App changes you have made on the screen of the “Directorio”.

Easy, isn’t it? If you want to join Shasta you just need to download the App and register with a valid ID, passport or extension. Remember, if you have any questions you can always write us at [email protected]  😊

For more information about the functionalities available in Venezuela, click on the here.



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