These days you have surely heard the word cybercrime and today, we want to talk about the types of cyberattacks that exist and how you should avoid them.

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Before starting you must understand what cybercrime is, this activity consists of carrying out criminal actions using technological means. The criminals of these attacks, cybercriminals, usually attack people, companies and even governments. You may be wondering, what is their main goal?

  • Economic fraud: they use technological means to destroy computer systems and gain access to personal or confidential data. If they find interesting information, they can request a sum of money or, if they access personal bank accounts, they can withdraw the money.
Types of cybercrime

There are many ways in which you can receive a cyberattack, such as:

  • Email fraud.
  • Identity fraud.
  • Theft of financial, payment card or corporate data.

If we go a little deeper, we find specific terms to refer to certain attacks, such as:

  • Cyber extortion: when money is demanded to prevent an attack.
  • Ransomware: attacks similar to cyber extortion.
  • Cryptojacking: this technique consists of obtaining cryptocurrencies with other people’s resources.
  • Cyberespionage: we speak of cyberespionage when government or corporate data is accessed.


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Finally, you should note that there are two main categories to classify cyberattacks:

  • Criminal activity directed at computers, these are characterized by sending viruses to the computer system.
  • Criminal activity that uses computers to commit other crimes, i.e. to spread illegal information or illegal images.
Examples of cyber-attacks

Malware attacks

This is a term used to describe any program or code that is harmful to computer systems. The aim of these attacks is to extract money from the user illicitly, although they do not damage the hardware of the systems, they do allow data to be stolen, encrypted or deleted.


Surely this term is more familiar to you, this word is used to talk about the methods most used by cybercriminals, the objective of these attacks is to obtain confidential information by decrypting the password or obtaining detailed information from credit cards or bank accounts.

DoS attacks

These attacks are also called DoS (Denial of Service). The objective of this action is to attack a computer system or network so that other users cannot access it.

How to avoid cyber-attacks?

To try to avoid any type of cyber-attack we recommend you:

  • If you receive any email or call requesting personal information, do not share it with them as it may be a scam.

  • If a company calls you to request information, hang up and call them back using the phone number on their official website to make sure you are talking to them and not a cybercriminal.

  • Avoid installing or downloading programs from unknown sources.

  • Have an updated antivirus.

  • Renew passwords every month or every three months.
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Now that you know how to detect cyber-attacks, you may be interested in reading the article on Security: How do we protect your money at Shasta?

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