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We offer you different options to operate according to your needs.

Send money anywhere through Shasta to Shasta transactions and its methods.

Exchange multiple currencies instantly.

Manage your Shasta account in multi-currency and deposit by card in it.

Make SEPA and SWIFT bank transfers.


Send and request money to your Shasta contacts with just a few clicks, with the App we facilitate the movements of your funds at the moment. Now also in bolivars!


Make requests and send money quickly and easy using the QR code to any of your contacts. Immediate and comfortable to use!


Instant currency exchange! Enter the amount and select the currency you want to exchange. You don’t need another application.


In addition, you can also make SWIFT or SEPA bank transfers to other banks in order to operate with other accounts outside Shasta.


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Can I send or receive money anywhere in the world?

Yes. At Shasta we offer several ways to operate, although with all of them you can mobilize money anywhere in the world.

You simply must validate your account with unexpired European, American, Brazilian, Mexican or Venezuelan documentation (except with the ID in case of the venezuelan documents) and deposit money in Shasta. To carry out this action we give you different options:

– Add a credit or debit card in the application and make a deposit with it.

– By SEPA or SWIFT bank transfer in euro or dollar to the Shasta account with the data and the concept that you can find in the App.

– Optionally, with the BNC electronic account also in euro or dollar (in case of validating your account with unexpired Venezuelan passport or the passport extension and if you already have linked the BNC foreign currency accounts). It is also possible to affiliate the BNC’s bolivar account for bolivar trading with Shasta to Shasta transactions.

Once you have made the deposit, you’ll simply have to select the amount you want to send and choose the method. So we offer you very comfortable ways to do so:

  1. Shasta to Shasta transaction (instant and commission-free) between people registered in the App in euros, dollars and bolivars.
  2. Sending money by bank transfer (SEPA or SWIFT) to other banks.

Depending on the method chosen, the other person will receive the money through the App and then withdraw it or will receive it directly in their bank account. And that ‘s it!

If, on the contrary, you are the one who receives an income to the Shasta account, in addition to sending it, you can also withdraw it directly to a bank account that you have previously added in the App. Optionally, you can withdraw the money to the BNC cash account in euro or dollar if they are linked (in case of validating the Shasta account with the passport or the passport extension from Venezuela). If you receive bolivars, you can withdraw them in bolivars to your BNC current or savings account.

How long does it take for a bank transfer to be formalized?

In this case it depends on the type of transfer you make. Below you will find more information about it:

SWIFT transfer: these are international transfers, they may have a commission and take more than 2 or 3 business days.

SEPA transfer: these are transfers that encompass the Eurozone, they have no commission and usually take between 2 or 3 business days.

You can make bank transfers by verifying the Shasta account with an unexpired United States passport, Brazilian passport, Mexican passport and with the unexpired passport or DNI of the European Union (in addition to the NIE with the document of the TIE or Residence Permit in the case of Spain) and also with the unexpired passport or the passport extension of Venezuela. Remember that all the documentation provided must be updated!

To change your membership, you can access them through the App from your Profile, clicking on Personal and then on Membership in order to to enjoy more benefits.

What documents do I need to register in Shasta?

Nowadays we can accept the following identity documents at Shasta:

United States: American passport.

European Union: European passport and ID.

Spain: Spanish passport, ID and NIE (TIE document or Residence Permit).

Venezuela: Venezuelan passport, passport extension and Venezuelan ID.

Mexico: Mexican passport.

Brazil: Brazilian passport.

All the aforementioned documents must be unexpired. In addition, a selfie-type image of yourself must be attached to successfully validate the account in Shasta.

If you only have unexpired Venezuelan documents, please check out the last question to know more about the available operations with the App!

How can I get the Shasta Card? Does it have any cost?

In order to request the Shasta card, you must validate your account with unexpired European documentation. Currently you can request it with the passport or ID from the European Union (and the NIE with the TIE or the Residence Permit if the documents are from Spain).

Then, you only have to go to your Profile and select the option Order Your Shasta Card, which is a prepaid VISA. WIth this card, you can buy in physical or online stores as well as withdraw funds at ATMs around the world. When requesting it through the App, enter the data and address so we can send it to you as soon as possible.

The shipping cost of the Shasta Card is completely free.

Depending on the membership that you affiliate to your Shasta account, a prior deposit may be required but this money will continue to be available for your use. After completing these steps, you’ll order your personal Shasta Card with your name!

In which countries is Shasta currently operating?

We currently operate in the United States, the European Union, Brazil, Mexico and Venezuela, so the App is available for download in these territories and the current documentation provided to verify the Shasta account must be from one of these locations.

If you have Venezuelan documentation, you can check with a valid passport, extension or identity card.

With the documentation from Venezuela, you can also link the foreign currency accounts in euro or dollar from the Banco Nacional de Crédito (BNC), one of the banks in Venezuela, to the App.

If you verify yourself with a valid passport or extension, you will operate in the International Ecosystem where linking them is an optional requirement. If you are verified with a valid cedula, you will be operating in the National Ecosystem where linking BNC currency accounts is a necessary requirement to deposit or withdraw funds. You will be able to add the BNC’s euro and dollar currency accounts such as the electronic account or cash account to deposit or withdraw funds and also the BNC’s bolivar account such as the current account or savings account to operate in this currency.

– So, in the International Ecosystem with the unexpired passport or passport extension, you can add money to Shasta with a credit or debit card, making a SEPA or SWIFT transfer to deposit or optionally, with the BNC electronic account if you have it linked to Shasta. To send money, you can do so via Shasta to Shasta transaction methods, which are instant and without commissions, between registered users in the App, and also make transfers to other banks. And to withdraw it, you can also do it directly through an added bank account or optionally, to the BNC cash account in euro or dollar if they are linked too.

– And in the National Ecosystem with the unexpired Venezuelan ID, you can deposit your funds with the BNC electronic account and withdraw them with the BNC cash account to later withdraw the money from the bank. Remember that is a requirement to link the BNC foreign currency accounts to the App. And to send and receive money, you can do so with the Shasta to Shasta transactions, which are the quickest method and also without any commission!

In addition, with Shasta you can also make the currency exchange between euro and dollar or vice versa, because they are the currencies that the App currently handles.

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