Send and receive money easily and safely with Shasta.

We are Shasta App, the first and only app in the world specialized in macropayments.

Connect with your contacts, send money, request expenses and make payments.

Without any limit and from anywhere in the world.

What are you waiting for?

Send and request money without limits.

Quickly and safely. The world’s first app specialized in macropayments.

Updates on the way

We are incorporating new functionalities.

Make payments in stores, send money to multiple contacts or split payments directly from Shasta App.

Coming soon!

Choose a plan that works for your business model.

* 0.083% / month of your average balance

Why Shasta App

As you use the app, you will be able to access exclusive services and benefits thanks to your level of Shastatus.

Where to start?


Don’t let your contacts out!
Start moving money with them and enjoy together of our exclusive services.


Our technology is state of the art, so security is bank level, with 256-bit encryption.


You will have total control over your movements at all times.


Transactions are free of commissions, it doesn’t matter the bank

Where you want,
whenever you want

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Enter the amount of money you want to be available in Shasta.

Send or request money instantly.

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