About Shasta

What is Shasta?

Shasta is a mobile banking app that provides a unique service to transfer money in Euro, Dollar and soon also Bolívar.

What are the requirements to start using Shasta?

To start using Shasta and be able to move large amounts of money, you only need to:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Verify your identity
  • Add a bank card
Why do I need to verify my identity?

As you get registered, we only ask for the necessary information so you can use all the different features that Shasta provides.

Verifying your identity is necessary, so that way we make sure that all users are legitimate and that no dangerous entity has access to the app, putting the other users at risk.

As for this, we want you to know that the data is treated according to the current data protection regulations.

How do I verify my identity?

In the identity verification process you can choose to register with your ID, Passport or Driving License. Shasta will request you to send images of the selected document in order to validate your identification.

Images must show the entire document clearly, photography included. They should not be rotated, cropped, with flash, or out of focus.

What type of cards can I add to Shasta?

Shasta accepts the majority of the available bank cards.

From the classic ones, that is, Visa and Mastercard, all the way through Amex and soon unionPay.

How does Shasta take care of my money?

Your money deposited in Shasta is always kept in a safeguarded account in one of the largest Spanish banks.

Shasta offers you the service and our partner Easy Payments and Finance, with the authorization of the Payment Entity granted by the Bank of Spain, is the one that executes the collections and payments.

What countries does Shasta support?

Currently, the Shasta App is available in countries of the European Union, in the United States and in Venezuela. It can be downloaded from the Play Store on Android and from the Apple Store on IOS for Iphone.

Is there a Premium membership?

With Shasta you can choose the type of membership with which you can enjoy more advantages in the App, all available under the label of Lite, Premium and Master.

the three memberships allow our clients to deposit balance and make transfers both to Shasta users instantly and to other people without the need for them to have the App, in addition to having the balance fee as well as their check in the same App, although each of them has its differences designed to satisfy any circumstance.

The Lite plan is totally free while the Premium and the Master add various functionalities for the clients who select these memberships, differentiated by a small monthly fee. For example, Premium and Master allow a higher amount of maximum annual deposit in the App or to be able to deposit with cards from outside the European Union.

To choose a membership, you must go to your profile within the App and go to Personal in the Settings section. Once there, you must click on Membership and choose the plan that best suits your needs. Don’t miss out on its benefits!


Internal Transfers

Can I send / receive money as many times as I want?


At Shasta you can move as much money as you want, as many times as you want, but if your activity is exagerated, we might put controls over your user in order to guarantee the security of the app to all the community

How long does it take to send / receive money?

The process of sending and receiving money is instantaneous. 

Once you have completed your payment, the selected contact will receive the money in their Shasta account. Of course, exactly the same applies when payments are directed to you.

Can I make a transfer to multiple contacts at the same time?

Yes, Shasta allows you to send the same amount of money to various Contacts at the same time.

Why do I have to indicate a Concept for each one my transfers?

Indicating a Concept allows Shasta to improve the user experience for both parties, a transfer is a bilateral relationship.

In addition, it guarantees that no payment is made for clandestine reasons or inappropriate purposes.

I chose a wrong Contact / Concept for a transfer, what can I do?

If you made a Request and would like to change its Contact or Concept, before the transfer is completed, you should cancel it getting on top of it and swiping left. Then send a new correct one.

If you sent money to a wrong Contact or the Contact you requested money to has already completed the transfer, the transfer can’t be cancelled anymore, since it’s instantaneous. 

We recommend you to come to an agreement with the wrong selected Contact to pay back the money. In any case, if you can’t solve the problem, write us at [email protected].

Who can see the Movements of my transfers?

At Shasta, only you and the other contact involved in the transfer can look at the record of it. 

No other Shasta user has access to the record of any of your transfers.

If you want to check your records, just go to the app and head to Movements by clicking on the upper right button.

Can I delete the record of my Movements? Do they get deleted automatically?

No, the records of your Movements can’t be deleted, as they are part of your accounting.

Is my money safe at Shasta?

Your money is absolutely safe at Shasta. 

Shasta guarantees you maximum security, as our system has a 256-bit encryption, to protect the security and privacy of all transactions.

Can I make a transfer to a Contact from my mobile phone who doesn’t have Shasta?

If a Contact from your mobile phone doesn’t appear on the app, it’s because they don’t have Shasta installed on their phone. If you’d like to make a transfer to them, just invite them to join!

Can I automate payments with Shasta?

You can send payments periodically to your contacts with Shasta, to do so enter the amount you want to send, press send and select the contacts to whom you want to send the payment, once you click on Continue you can check the Periodic transfer option.

If you check it, you will be shown the options where you can choose the start and end date of the payments, and the periodicity in which they will be made. You will also be able to see the calculation of the total money you will send based on the dates you choose and the time that elapses between payments.

Why do I get an Error when trying to make a transfer?

If you get an Error when trying to send money or making a request, please check again that you have completed all the necessary steps.

Make sure that you have selected a Quantity, a Contact and a Concept.

If you have completed all the steps and the transfer still doesn’t work, please write us at [email protected].

Does Shasta provide a currency exchange service?

Currently the application does not have this service. We are working to implement it as soon as possible, follow us on social networks to stay up to date with all the news.

Transfer/Card Deposit

In what ways can I deposit money into my Shasta account?

You can deposit the money in your account by bank transfer or by credit or debit card easily with both ways.

How do I make a bank transfer deposit?

To deposit by bank transfer, go to your profile and in the section “Send funds to your Shasta account”, click on the option you want, be it in Euro (EUR) or Dollars (USD).

There you can see the account where you have to make the transfer and the details to make the deposit. If you are outside the SEPA zone, you must select the SWIFT option.

It is very important that the concept of the transfer is the same that appears on the screen of the App, which contains one letter and seven numbers.

What currencies can I deposit into Shasta?

You can deposit with Shasta by bank transfer in the following currencies: Yuan, Yen, Pound Sterling and Canadian Dollar. Keep in mind that Shasta manages accounts in Dollars and Euros, so for deposits with other currencies, the exchange rate of our bank will be applied.

How do I make a deposit by credit card?

To deposit by credit card, go to your profile and click on “Add money”, there you can select a credit card and add yours to the App.

Also, you can delete the card or change it by clicking on EUR or USD in the “Balance” section of your profile. If you click on the added card, you can delete or replace it.

Can I have two or more cards associated with the same profile?

At the moment, you can only have one card associated with each profile. However, you can disassociate your card without any inconvenience and add a different one.

Withdraw by Transfer

I have money in my Shasta account, how can I transfer it to my bank?

To withdraw money by bank transfer, you must first add your bank account in the App. To do so, go to your Profile and in “Balance”, click on USD or EUR. You can add your bank account easily by clicking on “Add bank”.

In case your bank account is within the European Union, select this option and you can enter the IBAN of your account. Otherwise, select the outside EU option, where you must enter your bank account and your bank’s SWIFT code.

Please note that to withdraw money from Shasta to an account outside the European Union, there is a commission of €18 or 3% of the amount if it’s greater than €600.

In case you want to send money to an account of another person or in which you are not the owner, you must enter the desired amount on the main screen of the App. Then you must click on Send and on the new screen, you will see the option “Bank transfer”. In it, you must fill the required data with the bank account information where you want to send the money.

Can I make transfers to other people’s bank accounts?

Yes, with Shasta you can make transfers to bank accounts in which you are not the holder of the account.

To do this, you must enter the amount you want to send on the main screen of the App and click on Send. On the new screen, you can see the bank transfer option. Select it and you can enter the details of the bank account to which you want to send the money.

How long does it take for a transfer to be made official in the bank?

Transfers made in Spain are formalized by the banking entity in a period that can range from a few minutes to up to 72 hours, on business days.

For international transfers, the process takes a little longer, due to regulatory aspects and mandatory checks of each country.

If you see that the process takes too long, write us at [email protected] and we will help you.

Shasta Card

How can I request the Shasta card?

You can request the Shasta card through the App itself. Go to your Profile and you will find the option “Request your Shasta card”. Then you must pass the identification process where you must upload your identity documentation and a selfie photo.

Is the Shasta card a credit card or a debit card?

It is a debit card with which you can spend the amount you have in the App.

In which countries are the card available and what documents should I upload?

You can apply for the Shasta card if you are a resident in Spain or in the European Union. If you are a Spanish resident and have a Spanish nationality, you must upload your Passport or Spanish ID (DNI) in addition to a selfie photo.

Are there any requirements to obtain the card?

In addition to being a citizen of the European Union, you must have deposited €20 in your Shasta account from the moment you registered. If you meet these requirements, you can get the card and enjoy all its advantages.

Does it have any cost?

 The Shasta card is free and has no associated cost.

Where can I use the card?

You can use the card to make purchases or withdraw money at ATMs or establishments in any country around the world.

My Account

How can I edit my profile data?

To edit your photo, nickname, name and surname, occupation or password, open the App and go to your Profile from the top left button. Once there, click on the central image and you will access the data of your profile and from there you can edit them.

If there is any data that you want to edit but you can’t do it in the App, contact us at [email protected] and we will help you.

Can I use multiple profiles from my mobile phone?

Since the Shasta profile is associated with the mobile number and the identity documentation provided in the registration phase, it is only possible to use a single profile from each device.

Can I use my profile from various, different mobile phones?

Since the Shasta profile is associated with the mobile number and the identity documentation provided in the registration phase, it is only possible to open your profile from a device that has the number you created it with.

Can Shasta ask me for my fingerprint or PIN every time before making a transfer?

If you want Shasta to require the introduction of your fingerprint or PIN for each time you are going to make a transfer, activate this function from your profile.

To do so, just go to the app and head to your profile by clicking on the upper left button. Once there, you’ll find the Security section, with which you can activate the tab by entering the code you want.

What’s the IBAN that appears on my profile?

The IBAN that appears on your profile is the same one for all Shasta users, the concept indicated just below is what differentiates every user.

Can I sign out of the App?

If you want to close your session in the App to make sure that nobody else but you can access it, go to your Profile and at the bottom you will see the option Disconnect. To log in again you must enter your mobile number or verified email, and we will send you a unique code that you must enter with the App.

How can I unsubscribe and close my profile from Shasta?

If you change your mobile number or uninstall the application, your profile will be maintained and your funds will remain saved. If you want to delete this profile, write to us at [email protected] to proceed appropriately.


What happens to my profile if I uninstall Shasta from my mobile phone?

If you uninstall Shasta from your mobile phone, your user and your funds will remain saved. Everything will remain as you left it, in case you wanted to come back to the app later. If you want your profile to be deleted, write us at [email protected].

What do I do if I change my mobile phone number?

If you are going to change your mobile phone number or already did so, and you’d like to continue using Shasta with the same profile as before, just write us at [email protected] to request a migration of your profile.

Can I use Shasta from other devices other than my mobile phone?

Shasta is a mobile bank service, it can only be installed and used on mobile phones.

Can I change the language of the app?

Yes, Shasta is currently available in both Spanish and English.

If you’d like to switch languages, just go to the app and head to your profile from the upper left button. Once in your profile, go to the Settings section and select Personal. There, you can edit all of your settings, including the language.

What distincts Shasta from the competition?

Shasta is currently under development, so we still don’t have the final product with all the services we want to offer.

Anyways, our goal is to become the greatest neobank in Venezuela and a payments application with high reputation in Europe.

Does Shasta employ blockchain technology?

At Shasta we stand out for our priority to use the newest technologies. So far there is no element of blockchain, but it could well be used in the future.

Are there features with cryptocurrencies?

Shasta does not currently manage the use of cryptocurrencies within the App, although we highly value implementing it.

Can I pay at a store with Shasta?

Apply for the Shasta card and buy in stores with it, fast and without commissions.

Can I deposit or withdraw money through PayPal?

At the moment you cannot associate your Shasta account with PayPal or another electronic wallet, this is because Shasta does not open an IBAN account for each user.

Can I directly deposit my payroll or receipts to my Shasta account?

At the moment this option is not available since Shasta does not open an IBAN account for each user. We are working to offer this service, so follow us in our Social Media to stay up to date with all the news regarding our services!

How can I file a complaint?

If you’d like to send us a complaint or contact us, just write us at [email protected].