Shasta, the international payments App

Transfer, request, send and receive money quickly instantly.


Shasta’s advantages

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You have different ways to manage your money.
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Your financial movements are private.

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Shasta App offers you immediacy on your financial transactions.

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All the features are easy to manage.

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Your finance in-one-all App

Shasta payments: instantaneous and commission free.

Bank transfer: SEPA or SWIFT bank transfer in euro or dollar.

Currency exchange: available in euro and dollar.

Shasta Card: use it to make your purchases.

Control your expenses

Instant notifications and alerts to help you monitoring of income and expenses.

Request and receive money from your contacts instantaneous and commission free.

Enable the option to make regular or recurring payments.

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Currency exchanges instantaneous

Currency exchanges between euro and dollar or vice versa, so you can manage multiple currencies.

Our currency exchanges do not have hyperinflation, they are fast and instantaneous.

These feature is also available in the business account.

Shasta worldwide

We operate in the United States, the European Union, Mexico, Brazil and Venezuela.

Send and receive money around the world with no limits.

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Choose your personal finance plan

Each plan has been designed to adapt to any financial need.

Choose your business plan for manage your finance

Each plan has been designed to accommodate your the business needs.

Send money around the world with Shasta.

Join to financial freedom!

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