Haven’t used Shasta yet? Don’t worry, today we will tell you everything you can do with the application.

First of all you should know that Shasta is an application with which you can:

1. Send and receive money from anywhere in the world.

2. Request and make payments between your contacts completely free of charge.

3. Send money through SWIFT or SEPA bank transfer at the best cost.

4. Make currency exchanges in euros and dollars without leaving the application.

As you can see, Shasta has a wide range of functionalities that adapt to your financial needs, below we will tell you in detail each of the functions.

How can you send or receive money?

Sending or receiving money from Shasta is very simple. To do this, you must enter the app with your ID code, and once you are in the “balance” screen, you only have to indicate the desired amount to send or request, and click on the indicated button, depending on the action you want to perform.

How to make the currency exchange?

You have been sent 10 euros but you want to exchange them for dollars and you don’t know how to do it? Very easy! With Shasta you only need one click.

On the same “balance” screen as above, you will find two buttons on the top right, one of which takes you directly to the currency exchange screen.

How can you deposit or withdraw money to Shasta App?

In order to deposit or withdraw money in the App, you must click on the “balance” button that you will find on the main page of the App. Once inside, you will see the amount of money you have in the App, and then two buttons to deposit or withdraw money from the App.  You can deposit money to your Shasta account by credit or debit card and by bank transfer.

How can you control and see all your money movements?

One of the tips we want to give you from Shasta, is to always have a good control of your finances to avoid headaches. For that reason, Shasta offers you an efficient, simple and instant way to organize and control all your income and expenses safely, but how? We’ll tell you about it below: Simply go to the Activity screen, where you will find all your income, expenses and movements of your Shasta Card.

How can you consult your personal information?

In the “Profile” screen you will find all your personal information, you will have access to the necessary settings of your Shasta App account, as well as the documentation, the contracted membership and the settings of your Shasta Card.

If you have any doubts, you can consult our FAQs or visit our profiles of Instagram TV and YouTube  you will find all the informative videos about Shasta App.



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